Improv for Gamers

IFG_arts23I took my first improv class in 2008 and immediately saw how useful some of the exercises were in practicing the same storytelling skills I used in roleplaying. There are plenty of podcasts, blog posts, and even a few books on the subject, but why weren’t there more classes specifically targeted towards gamers?

So I started teaching them. With the help of some other amazing dual-classed improvisor/gamers, our first workshop was held in the mezzanine of EndGame in Oakland. Then we took the show on the road to Big Bad Con, GoPlay Northwest, and have now expanded to such conventions as KublaCon, Origins, and GenCon. Basically whatever cons I travel to, I try to teach some improv while I’m there!

Want to try out some improv with your fellow gamers? You’re in luck! Evil Hat Productions is publishing Improv for Gamers Second Edition! In it you can find a variety of low-pressure group games that highlight various skills like collaboration, fearless creativity, timing and managing scenes, working with invisible objects, and creating dynamic characters with meaningful relationships.

More information on the workshops is at