Safety and Calibration Cards

Available on DriveThruRPG! Roleplaying is improvised, and sometimes a game can go in an unexpected direction, or explore difficult subjects. Fortunately, there are lots of content calibration tools that help players communicate their boundaries so they can continue to play in a way that’s still fun for everyone. In 2017, Dale Horstman and I collaborated … Continue reading Safety and Calibration Cards

The Garden

The Garden is a scenario for Apocalypse World, inspired by a Toast article and the many restaurant horror stories from Behind Closed Ovens (later called Off the Menu when it moved to Thrillist and Bitter Empire). The premise was simple: What if the characters’ home in this blasted, post-apocalyptic world was the last remaining Olive … Continue reading The Garden

Improv for Gamers

I took my first improv class in 2008 and immediately saw how useful some of the exercises were in practicing the same storytelling skills I used in roleplaying. There are plenty of podcasts, blog posts, and even a few books on the subject, but why weren’t there more classes specifically targeted towards gamers? So I … Continue reading Improv for Gamers